EMISSION REDUCTION MAKES A BUSINESS SENSE Strategies and Measures for Engineering Sector

Author: CII- Sohrabji Green Business Centre May 31, 2017
Type:Case Study

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Booklet (30 pages) with cases from:

I Solar Heating : Application for cabinet foaming 5
II Energy efficiency and emission reduction 7
III Maintaining temperature of hot water recirculation in paint shop 9
IV Mechanical vapor recompressor (MVR) system 11
V Waste heat recovery 15
VI Reduction of HSD fuel consumption in paint shop, hot water
generator by reducing nozzle size 18
VII Supply chain and greenhouse gas emission reduction 20
VIII Auto operation of transformer room exhaust fan 23
IX Technology upgradation of existing foundry melt-shop 25
X Improving the specific energy consumption of heat treatment furnace 26
XI Car pooling for to & fro movement to plant 29
XII Installation of 500kwp solar roof top PV module system 31
XIII Renewable energy : Installation of 7.8 MW solar power plant 33

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