DeRisk Profits: DeCarbonize - low carbon strategies and measures

Author: Shalini Sharma / CII May 31, 2017
Type:Case Study

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DeRisk Profits: DeCarbonize is a manual prepared with the aim of creating awarenss among carbon intensive sectors. It provides information regarding appropriate strategies and methods to reduce GHG emissions in different sectors. Any user, if not an expert in energy management or GHG accounting, will also be able to use this manual tand will be able to support their organization to  reduce GHG emissions.

Checklist for reducing energy consumption in several sectors: Agriculture, Forestry &Landuse  Building Cement  Chemical Iron & Steel Mining Power  Pulp & Paper Transport Sector.

Decisions taken during Conference of Parties (COP) 21 and COP22, UNFCCC meetings calls for action by political and scientific leaders of 195 countries.
DeCarbonize is a step in same direction. It provides knowledge on the measures that can be taken to reduce emissions. This white paper will serve as a ready reference and can be used by any professional in the sectors detailed in the whitepaper. Implementer of such strategies can reap financial benefits while saving on energy and other natural resources.
This whitepaper aims to create awareness, propagate innovation, do capacity building among industrial sectors and facilitate replication of GHG emission reduction or adaptation measures/ strategies.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us on the given phone numbers or email ids sharma.shalini@cii.in, kiran.ananth@cii.in in case you need any assistance to reduce the carbon footprint of your company/ organization/ sector.

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