3-day-Training Workshop on RECP Financing

Author: UNIDO, Ernst&Young November 02, 2017

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3-day Workshop and Training Programme on RECP Financing  under Global Programme on RECP - Work stream

The Objective of the project Workstream on RECP Financing is to facilitate access to green funding mechanisms for SMEs and dialogues between SMEs and financiers, through capacity building and awareness raising activities in the five targeted countries (Colombia, India, China, South Africa, and Tunisia):

1) Raise awareness of key stakeholders on innovative financing mechanisms for RECP projects  

2) Provide arguments to convince SMEs and financiers to invest in RECP projects (socio-economic benefits, success stories in developing countries, etc.)

3) Strengthen capacity building activities of NCPCs (communication, technical assistance, etc.) to support SMEs in accessing the existing green finance mechanisms

4) Initiate dialogues between SMEs and financiers, through the provision of tools (databases, communication material, etc.) and the creation of partnerships

UNIDO and Ernst & Young (EY) in collaboration with RECPnet members in the beneficiary countries provide a 3-day training on  RECP Finance, to mainstream RECP into government policy and enterprise finance, the work stream on Financing Instruments aims at assessing and promoting (innovative) financing instruments for mainstreaming RECP into enterprise finance.


The main deliverables of the project will be:

1) Primer on RECP Finance

2) Training materials

3) Training sessions in the 5 targeted countries

4) Strategies on RECP planning and investment in the 5 targeted countries.


OBJECTIVES of the Training Workshop:

Share, amend and complement the key findings of the Primer with local stakeholders:
- Provide arguments in favor of RECP projects (socio-economic benefits, success stories...)
- Identify key challenges and solutions for financing RECP projects 
- Study financing sources for RECP projects in the country (existing mechanisms, gaps and limits…)

Strengthen the capacity of NCPCs in terms of facilitation services:
- Support SMEs in developing bankable projects (project checklist, economic analysis tools...)
- Develop the local network (finance and project databases…)

Initiate the cooperation between stakeholders:
- Bring together different categories of stakeholders (see the list of participants) and facilitate interactions.


Targeted Audience for the Training Workshop:
National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPCs)
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
Industry representatives (associations, chambers of commerce…)
Financing institutions (international financing institutions, commercial banks…)
Government representatives (ministries in charge of MSMEs, industries, environment, energy…)
Technology and services providers (ESCOs for ex.)
Other experts


For further information and material on the training please contact:

UNIDO Industrial Resource Efficiency Division  / Department of Environment
Tel: +43 1 26026 3715
Email: j.ojobor@unido.org

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